(…and keep that Congress and Constitution stuff out of his way)

At one point during the 2016 presidential campaigns we characterized Mr. Trump’s candidacy as being that of…a man who would be Caesar…but we were very wrong about that. Dead wrong.
After a year of observing his behavior and performance since being elected President, he has clearly demonstrated that he is nothing like what we know about Caesar. As best as we can surmise from what history has recorded about Caesar, his was a very disciplined and shrewdly calculating personality, abstemious in his habits, and rarely if ever acting from pique or whim of the moment. President Trump’s personality definitely does not fit that description.
Instead, we’ve come to the conclusion that he more closely resembles the character of that flamboyant autocrat known in French history as Louis XIV, the so-called Sun King, renowned for his grandiose and high-living style of conspicuous consumption, its ultimate expression culminating with the construction of his palace of Versailles (still the epitome of flashy glitter despite the Trump Tower’s pretensions), and, his supposed off-hand response to a question about who actually ran the kingdom by saying…l’etat…c’est moi!
Apparently, President Trump’s mindset seems to be of the same genre. Which may be acceptable in the corporate milieu from which he came, where autocratic behavior and style tends to be the norm (if not de rigeur) but does not conform or operate very well when applied to our system of governance. Instead, his attempts to do so resemble running smack into an invisible pane of glass which the Founders of our republic erected by the architectural design which they imbedded in our republic’s political structure. A design based upon the concept of having a multi-layered decentralization of all the nodes of power throughout that structure, thus, requiring consensus and a unified sense of purpose to get anything done for the common good.
President Trump’s emphasis on using executive orders rather than legislative processes suggests he either doesn’t understand that, or, considers it all…irrelevant. Which may explain why his administration is seemingly in such a constant state of chaos and turmoil, and why very little of any substance has been accomplished under his tenure so far.
Well, while the White House may not have the glitzy glamour of Versailles (even though it has accrued its own cachet for pomp and circumstance over the years), at least this latter-day version of the Sun King has his own opulent digs down in Florida to emulate it, where he can indulge himself into believing as his alter-ego Louis did that, indeed,…l’etat…c’est moi!