(…our planet may no longer be the most attractive destination to visit…)

It’s an irony of ironies that at this time of the year…when we pause to give lip service to the ideal of peace on earth and goodwill to all…we seem to be stuck in a continuum of raging conflicts and wars of one kind or another…all over this globe of ours. All of which seems to prove that there are no limits to the perversity of human nature.

Which may explain why we haven’t heard much in recent times about any UFOs, or, why neither ET…nor any of his kin… have ever come back. The way things are, our planet may no longer be the most attractive destination for intergalactic tourists to visit.

For those who might be of a philosophical bent they could say we humans are just a microcosm reflecting the universe of which our world is a mere particle…that is… one where violently explosive swirls from the birthing of and by the dying of stars…is the norm. Perhaps so… but such cosmic perspectives don’t help much because it tells any aliens dumb enough to consider visiting here…that our world is a bloody and dangerous mess no matter where they might go on it.

And nowhere is it bloodier or messier today than in Syria where, after four years of mayhem and slaughter, there is no end in sight, and things seem to be rapidly morphing into a death struggle between a long ruling secular tyranny, and an emerging theocratic tyranny trying to replace it. Either way, no matter which one succeeds, the Syrians will have no future as a nation. So, by the thousands, they flee to whatever havens they can reach…even if these are the miseries of refugee camps far from home, and less than welcoming as societies.

Meanwhile, the rest of our self-righteous world stands idly by, refusing to intervene solely because it cannot determine which of these two tyrannies is the more abhorrent to it. Of course, two of our world’s entities, having plenty of experience with each kind of it have had no hesitation in providing aid and support for the one that suits them best there. What their motivations for doing so might be are anyone’s guess. Aliens from other worlds must surely wonder at such insanity. It is a truly no-win situation.

Other examples of similar useless insanities are also found elsewhere. None more so than in the new so-called “democracy” of South Sudan where two fools from different tribal roots contend for dominance…at the expense of their people. The difference there, is that the world community(calling itself –United Nations-) has chosen to intervene on the grounds of “humanitarian” need, by sending in forces to protect the people from that conflict (how that differs from the “humanitarian” needs in Syria must surely be a puzzlement to any Alien observers in the neighborhood).

Almost adjacent to that squabble, in what is called the Central African Republic, sectarian conflict there threatens to tear it apart as well. Fortunately, perhaps urged on by a Lawrence of Arabia complex, its former colonial overlord has taken a self-appointed role for “peacekeeping” there by dispatching a force to contain that conflict. How long it will be mired in that mission is an open question.

Well, the list goes on. No matter where one might look, very few places here on Earth have anything that can be remotely considered peaceful, stable, or prosperous. The erstwhile Arab Spring seems to have fallen flat on its face. Europa is still bumbling along in an economic turmoil, while the Russian grizzly continues to growl at its neighbors and throw its weight around as it sees fit, as Asia’s dragon is breathing fire in its part of the world, doing the same among its own neighbors.

Sorry, Aliens, this New Year is not shaping up as the best of times for you to come visit. Try again later.