(…so it’s all technology’s fault…)

It seems that California’s women have readily taken to all the bells and whistle features this digital world of ours offers, and are now using all its wonderful devices… iphones… ipads… tablets, etc., with great abandon, to store all sorts of personal information along with their most intimate nude “selfies” besides.

We won’t speculate on the motivation for such narcissism on their part, other than to note that technology just makes it so much easier to indulge it because of the illusory perception about so-called privacy in the digital world we all now live in. Besides, California girls have never been known for shyness about displaying their feminine attributes and endowments (viz. that itsy bitsy yellow polk-a-dot bikini…which never got wet); and, the contributing factors of the state’s generally hedonistic life style…not to mention the less than subtle influences of Hollywood glitterati’s behaviors besides.

So it should come as no surprise that the state’s Highway Patrol (CHIPS), not wanting to be thought of as a behind-the-times outfit, has just as keenly kept up with all these technological developments, and even come up with a few innovative tweaks of its own for them. That is, how to deftly scan and transfer such intimate selfies to its own devices, while ostensibly just viewing digital proofs of ID, insurance, etc., from the devices voluntarily proffered to them by women it stops for whatever traffic infractions they’ve committed.

Granted, that’s a rather gauche way to indulge any prurient interest in such content, and definitely not up to the standards of the Highway Patrol’ reputation for impeccable professionalism…thus suggesting that some of its officers perhaps view the practice as a compensatory perk…while performing one of the most dangerous of their duties…the traffic stop (in which way too many are killed or seriously wounded while performing that duty).

Well, none of this is intended as an excuse for that, but, it is an example of how technology is impacting our culture’s customs and mores, so it’s all its fault for these new style fun and games under the warm California sun.