(…and hitting it after a ten year long trajectory…)

The European Space Agency’s Rosetta project finally reached its target, by slingshoting an arrow at a speeding rock in deep space…and hitting it after a ten year long trajectory. That’s quite an accomplishment.

Granted the pint-sized module they’ve managed to bounce land on the surface of that speeding rock didn’t quite settle there in the way it had been hoped …but at least it’s there…much like a cocklebur clinging to that rock’s surface…as it continues to rocket through space. Despite the problems, it may yet manage to have its power pack re-charged enough to send back some more pictures and desired data, especially after it starts zipping around the sun (unless of course it gets fried in the process).

In any case, it is a fascinating thing to contemplate because, here we are, barely more than a hundred years after those two bicycle mechanics from Ohio, the Wright brothers, managed to lift off in their motorized box kite at Kitty Hawk…to actually “fly” a few hundred yards… before coming back down to land with a thump into a sand dune. Even more incredible, barely fifty years further on from that event, we humans were starting to zip around the globe in flying machines having all the comforts of home, and moving on into the jet age, with even bigger, and faster, flying machines carrying hundreds of us at a time, with even more amenities on board, all, in a fraction of the time previously needed to travel that way. Then that was further quickly followed by our reaching out into space, orbiting the globe, landing on the Moon, planting rovers on Mars, and sending tiny Voyager off into the most distant of blue yonders, right out of our solar system.

Yes, indeed, we’ve come a long way, baby!

Of course, for all of these technological marvels and progress of ours in so many ways, we still have difficulty fixing pot-holes in our roadways, preventing crime on our streets, avoiding pollution of our air and water resources, producing enough food to feed our ever growing numbers, or, how to effectively dispose of all the garbage and waste our modern-day world produces, etc…but why quibble about petty details like that…we humans are on a roll!

Who knows, our species may yet plant colonies there, to evolve into little green Martians as lords and masters of the universe we can reach, and so at this rate of progress, a StarTrek world… may be ours…much sooner than we think.