(…a tongue-in-cheek alternative perspective of it…)

There’s not a lot of joy in the world right now, as has often been the case in the past, and probably will also be the same in the future, but, it is that time of year when most folks do try and pause a bit…to set aside conflicts and problems of the moment…for a little bit of cheer, fellowship, and friendly gatherings…with kith and kin…as they say.

For some, this mid-winter holiday includes some happy devotion to religious ceremony and tradition. For many who are more secular-minded…perhaps less so. Nevertheless it may be worth reflecting on how and why this all came about. What follows is one possible explanation for it, keeping in mind that it’s all in jest, so I hope no one will take it so seriously as to be offended by it. Besides, there are elements of real history involved here…which can’t be denied. I’ve simply taken a few liberties with these to create a bit of humor for the occasion.

No one really knows how any popular tradition begins. More often than not it begins because of a particular situation which exists somewhere, so…someone comes up with a solution for it which, at the time, catches everyone’s fancy. Later, long after anyone can remember how or why, they start calling it…TRADITION. History is full of such things.

No one is suggesting that Christmas got started that way, of course, but then again, who’s to say it couldn’t have? So perhaps in a long forgotten archive somewhere there is an ancient moth-eaten scroll written by a nameless chronicler of the time…who was a witness to the events which began it all, if so, his version of the Christmas story could be like the one which follows here.

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Merry Christmas to all…and to all…good cheer.