(….everything will be all right….)

Merle Haggard’s old song by this title seems appropriate right now, because our country isn’t in the best of shape, economically, politically, and otherwise. It’s as if, after a long, long night of excessive binge carousing, it’s the morning after and we’re all nursing a collective hangover, the discomfort and pain of which is absolutely unbearable.

Is it a lesson learned? Have we learned that over indulgence, in anything, including living beyond our financial capacities, sooner or later will be our undoing? The answer seems to be yes…no.

The Europeans, in a final desperate move, have managed to give the EURO a half-ass bit of CPR, to keep it from lingering on, on life-support, in financial ICU. But with Britain opting out of the deal, the whole thing may just end being a band-aid solution rather than a long term cure for what ails it.

Here in America, our two major parties keep partying on as if there were no tomorrow. And at the rate they’re both going at it….there literally might not be one….for us. The only reality they seem to focus on is….Election 2012.

The Occupiers-R-Us mob, much like the former Tea Partiers, continue with their caterwauling about “inequality”, and class warfare sloganeering, instead of pushing for serious discussions about how to fix what’s either not working or broken. The problem with them, however, is their anarchic outlook and structure which discourages coming up with realistic ways and means to do so.

Well, if we do make it through December, things just might really become all right….but it will take a lot of effort and common sense to make it so. Anything less….and we might have to wonder if we’ll make through this January.