(….but the good news is it’s probably….terminal)

The Syriac Disease is still running its course, raging away in its most virulent form. But the good news is it’s probably….terminal. The bad news, of course, is that in the process of that terminal mode a lot more chaos and slaughter will occur before it will have run its course.

The Assad regime is a hardcore Ba’athist one….a political mafia based upon Hitlerian/NAZI principles (and once also firmly entrenched with Saddam’s regime in neighboring Iraq, from which many of its adherents ran away to Syria when Saddam’s regime was eliminated). Since there is no other place where either its leadership or its followers can run away to for refuge, its only option left is to fight to the bitter end. And now with a growing number of defections by its military minions going over to the popular uprising, that bitter end may not be so far distant. It could happen much sooner than anyone thinks.

When that happens, and it will, the big question will be whether the Syrian people will then be able to rebuild their nation into some semblance of a free and “democratic” society. That is not likely to emerge any time soon because, immediately after the regime’s downfall, in all likely hood there will first be a violent popular spasm of vengeance which, much like with the old French Revolution, a lot of heads will literally be made to roll before such a spasm has played itself out.

Beyond that, it’s hard to say what could happen afterwards. Hopefully, since it is a direct inheritor of an ancient and highly cultured society and history, it could end up having some resemblance to the long ago golden age of Suleiman the Magnificent. If so, then Syria might then become the model for the rest of the region to emulate.