(….with few showing any signs of becoming reality)

Here we are, as the year’s end approaches, with one thousand and one expectations, with few showing any signs of becoming reality.

Everything is in turmoil from a world in transition. And while transitions often seem bleak, and quite painful for many, the truth is that by their nature – transitions – usually lead to hope and opportunity for the kinds of changes that can bring about a better….tomorrow…. if not a….future.

Economies have to be restructured, re-energized, into new ways and forms. New, disruptive technologies, those sneaky brats, make older industries as useful as yesterday’s news. Those that can adapt, adopt new ways and methods, and develop new skills, will survive, even thrive. Others….won’t.

Well, nothing is forever, and only the earth and rocks endure (but even these, over time, get slowly ground away by geologic forces). That’s the natural order of things
We’re today where our grandparents (or great-grandparents for some) were a hundred years ago, facing an oncoming future approaching us at warp speed, leaving us uncertain as to what its effect on us will be, or, how we might survive them (the makers of Prozac must be drooling!).

So now we’re into the second decade of this 21st Century of ours. The first one was as wild and woolly a ride as it can get. This second one may be even wilder. So….all we can do is make certain that our seat belts are secure….and that we didn’t chow down a big meal….for lunch!

Meanwhile….all we can do is keep on….keeping on.