(….but…. I still wonder if he ever made it back there)

Astronomers and other related sky watchers are all a-flutter these days by the discovery of a distant 3rd rock from another sun, just like our own. Or so it seems, although it’s still a bit too early to tell.

Meanwhile they’ve named it – Keppler 22b – in honor of that famed astronomer.

So far, its bluish tinge, much like our own planet, suggests it may have water, just like we have, and could very well sustain carbon based life forms much like ourselves. Well, okay we humans are a conceited lot aren’t we (in this case…. maybe such life forms might have three….of everything).

Statistically, when we consider the trillions of flotsam and jetsam of matter out there in the universe, the odds of finding even just one other planet much like our own….are pretty good. So this shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. Still….it is something to be excited about because it means we may, indeed, not be alone!

Of course none of us will be visiting that planet any time soon. At six hundred light years away from us, such a voyage would require generations to be reproduced while in transit to it, before anything resembling one of us got there. By comparison, Noah’s extended cruise wasn’t more than a short jaunt around the block. It would take a StarTrek type venture with a star-ship-Enterprise crew before any humans might get to see it. Yet even if its warp speed were three times that of light, it would still take some two hundred years for them to get there.

Well, it’s nice to know we now may actually have some distant neighbors, if not “kinfolk” out there. Fortunately that time/distance will be keeping it safe….for E.T.
(….but I still wonder if he ever made it back there).