(….while screwing up the lives of working stiffs trying to earn a living)

The Occupiers-R-Us continue along their disruptive anarchic track….while screwing up the lives of working stiffs trying to earn a living.

Once again they have obstructed and blocked a number of ports all the way from Anchorage, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Oakland, Long Beach, even down to San Diego. All from some misguided notion that these actions will fix or change the problems or fix the issues they’re whining about out on the streets and in the public parks.

Meanwhile, the real 99 percenters, the ones who are not acting like whiny bitches, are subjected to further economic hardships, all because what seems to be more and more a gaggle of ignorant twits raising hell just for the sake of doing so.

I don’t know about anyone else, but, for me, the movement has strayed away from its original and legitimate purpose….to generate attention and focus on much of the problems and issues that are affecting our nation. Unfortunately, and very early on, they fell into the trap of using sloganeering and blatant class conflict rhetoric as the means to put their points across. Not a very useful way to do it. After their initial “catchiness” slogans lose whatever meaning they were supposed to have. Class conflict rhetoric, simply further irritates any real or imagined divides between various parts of our society. In short….none of that contributes anything constructive towards fixing our problems.

I’m not a one-percenter, and probably never will be, but neither am I a part of the so-called ninety nine-percenters. I’m just another working stiff like most everyone else, and I suspect most everyone else thinks so also. Our pots may barely big enough to pee in, but at least they’re our pots, no one else’s. Whatever their size or capacity….they’re the product of our own efforts, our own skills, or talents.

One of the more pathetic aspects of this movement is that its supporters seem to have no understanding or even knowledge about how our constitutional republic is structured, and, especially, how that structure could give them the means to reform it. Were they spending half the time and effort they’ve frittered away with street theatrics and campouts, they would already be in position to effect many of the changes they keep hollering for.

Simply put, there’s a mechanism right under their noses, just waiting to be activated. One which will allow not only individual political action, without belonging to any party or movement, but also collective political action, whose form could provide them with the portal to actually become members of Congress, from which they could then promote whatever agendas they think might be what’s needed to fix our country (of course, as a member of Congress, that would make them part of the one percent….but why nitpick).
Well, if any of them do more than just –Text- or –Tweet_ perhaps they should check out this link outlining how to really mount a proper ….Second American Revolution – by the ballot….not the bullet. That link is : www.centurionus.com.