(….one, a prince of purest light….the other, one of utter darkness)

With the passing of former Czech President Havel the world has lost a true Prince of Light whose brilliance must be a glory for our remembrance of him. Few other world leaders in our time have even come close to the impact of his benign humanity.

A poet, playwright, and humanist (in the grandest sense of the word), he survived the chaos of war, and extreme repression, to become a political beacon of reason and sanity in an otherwise insane world. His greatest accomplishment perhaps being shepherding the difficult but peaceful separation between the Czechs and the Slovenes (who had been artificially welded together by outside powers after WWI), a separation which has ultimately benefitted both.

Perhaps the most fitting thing to say about him now is to quote this well know line from Shakespeare’s – Hamlet –“….Now cracks a noble heart. Good night, sweet prince, and may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest….”

As to his polar opposite in North Korea, on the far side of this Earth from him….the less said about that utter Prince of Darkness….the better. He too, thankfully, is gone, into a definitely well deserved “oubliette” of history. Unfortunately, what happens next with his regime’s subjects does not bode well. The North Korean people are quite likely to suffer even more than what they have had to endure for the past sixty years.

As for the rest of our world, it now must remain on cautious alert, watching, and hoping that the inheritor of his dark kingdom doesn’t fall into the same delusional sense of being the supreme authority, and quite ready to take on any who might dare to doubt it.