(…at the end of another disheveled year…)

We’re closing things out with a parting broadside…at the end of another disheveled year. We say…disheveled…because as we look back on the track of it…it has that appearance from our perspective of things.

Yes, there have been some small improvements here and there to our national condition, mostly from baby-step efforts and with band-aid solutions. These have all helped, but not by much, only inching our economic machinery along at a slightly better pace…but far short of what it has the capacity to be.

We can bitch and moan about that, till the cows come home (…do we still have cows in this digital and virtual reality age?), but the harsh reality is…we’re the ones who continue to allow our politicos, with their dysfunctional and obstructionist maneuvers, to retain their holds on the levers of political power, term after term, to feed as long as possible from the trough of “public service”. They are not the problem. We are.

We have become much like those geese which produce – foie gras – complacent and grossly overstuffed, waiting for someone else to make things change. As a friend put it so well… most tax-paying Americans are just like dead wood…cluttering up the democratic machinery of this republic of ours. In short, they’re gumming up the works by not demanding change instead of whining about the lack of it,

Well, disheveled as we may be, even the smallest of improvements must be considered a gain forward under these conditions…like the recent bi-partisan budget “deal” they finally cobbled together…just in time for the holidays. So rather than making out a “top ten” list of the best of this year’s  results, or making any “predictions” about the coming year, let’s just be thankful we’ve managed to more or less worm our way through some hard times…and hope for better things to come.