(…institutionalized paranoid perspectives about terrorism…)

Bin Laden may have been tossed out with other trash into –the dustbin of history-, but he still managed to deliver a poison pill legacy to America.

It’s the legacy of institutionalized paranoid perspectives about terrorism…and how to deal or fight against it, subverting the main thing he hated most about our culture and society… that is, being a free and open one operating within a flexible and generally unrestrictive framework. No more today, because this past decade’s post-traumatic stresses of the 9/11 events transformed our country from what it was before, into a society which has stampeded itself into meekly accepting that everything that isn’t forbidden must now be strictly… compulsory…or as the Germans put it so well…alles das ist nicht verboten…ist bestimpt. And that has been further compounded by also accepting the imposition of a layer cake of new security methods and procedures unprecedented in our history.

Among these is Congress’s contribution called – The Patriot Act – a  hodgepodge of constitutionally questionable measures (including the elimination of Habeas Corpus), its necessity cleverly sold to our citizenry by that “patriot” label,  thus laying the foundation for creating a security apparatus named – Homeland Security – (again, the German translation of that being..Geheim Stadt Polizei or…GESTAPO…for short), which now has, amoeba-like, expanded Federal controls over almost every aspect of our citizens’ lives. But, as history has so often shown, the greatest threat to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is – government – especially when it is given unrestricted and unlimited powers to do whatever it deems necessary in the name of …national security.

So such a bureaucratized and heavy-handed approach to provide us “security” against terrorism may prove to be self-defeating, mostly because the kinds of terrorism we face today isn’t from hostile nation-states (not directly so, but some obviously providing support for it), but individuals, and groups of individuals,  driven by perverted religious or other ideology to engage in criminal acts of indiscriminate mass murder. Conventional military means are thus not particularly effective for combating that kind of enemy. A greater emphasis and focus on gathering intelligence on these, combined with an organized and well regulated bounty-hunting system, including drone technology where appropriate, might prove to be a more effective approach that what we have now.

As things stand today, Bin Laden is probably laughing his head off in whatever hell he resides, enjoying the spectacle of America self-destructing itself from being the land of the free and home of the brave, leaving us all to wonder…was he the winner here?