(…does this mean our website has finally come of age?)

Our website was hacked the other night. Sooner or later it was bound to happen, although our website is an “open” one, with neither corporate or government secrets nor financial data worth looking at. We launched it several years ago as an independent platform on which to post our Op-Ed type commentaries. At that time we may have had an audience of …one…some poor nudnick designated by our ever attentive NSA to monitor our content. Beyond that, we weren’t too sure anyone was paying attention to it, or even reading our output.

But being hacked like that suggests things may be changing, and, to paraphrase that old Scots tune about the Campbells…if the vandals are coming…tara…tara…does this mean our website has finally come of age? While we consider hacking as a vile bit of malicious net vandalism, similar to those graffiti vandals who “mark” other folks’ property, like canines making a contribution on any fire hydrants, in this instance no real damage was done, making it only a nuisance event requiring some “clean up” effort on our part (so guys, like we said, it’s an open site, you don’t need to go breaking and entering just to visit… okay?).

From a broader perspective it might now mean that our website has finally become noticed, and some folks are actually reading our stuff…hot damn! Then again, it could just be that someone didn’t care much for our commentary and found our slyly satirical style too much for their level of comfort. Either way its publicity…of sorts…and while that’s not the best kind of publicity and attention one should wish for…what the hell…it’s better than none at all!

Of course, it could also be the result of White House, NSA, Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, and even Chinese interests casting beady eyes on us, but then that does raise a big question for us: If it was any of these should we consider suing just one of them or…all of the above ?

Well, perhaps not. After all, one should never chase away…a captive audience!