(…but not with such lyrics of hypocritical moral outrage…)

The Assad regime’s apparent use of chemical weapons against some of its own people, in a suburb of Damascus, has caused an international uproar of condemnation ranging from somber expressions of dismay to  loud drum beats for immediate punitive military action against it.

Frankly, it seems we’ve heard that song before…but not with such lyrics of hypocritical moral outrage. How pathetic! Where was the “moral outrage” three years ago when the regime turned its guns on its own people?

The international community has been sitting on its collective buns for all that time, making nary a peep about it, much as it has done before in similar situations. Has anyone forgotten about the horrific events in Rwanda? The Congo? The Khmer Rouge? Bosnia? Kosovo?… not to mention a host of other outrages by other thug regimes elsewhere against their own people. The late unlamented Saddam Hussein regime of Iraq blatantly used chemical weapons both in its war with Iran, and later, against its Marsh Arab and Kurdish populations. It did it with complete impunity, while the international community only wailed, and wrung its hands, with impotent outcries.

In each and every such case everyone sits back and pontificates how terrible such events are, but, no one ever wants to step forward to forcibly say…cease and desist…or else. The reasons for that being: a) there is no effective international mechanism for doing so. The United Nations is so structured that no direct “intervention” to stop such things is possible. In such situations it has all the ardor capacity of a eunuch, and b) there are too many other thug regimes in this world, many just as bad or worse than the Assad one, so no one really wants to set any precedents for “intervention” that might come back and bite them in the derierre in the future. Meanwhile, everyone, in every instance, has turned and called for the United States to step forward and do the dirty work for them instead.

 Perhaps it’s time that America told the rest of the world…it’s not going to be its damned “police force” anymore. If other people want to waste their national energies and treasure on killing each other, let them. America might come along later…to help bury what’s left.

President Obama made a dumb mistake by proclaiming the use of chemical weapons was a “red line” that could not be crossed. Doing so was the equivalent of saying…I double-dog-dare-ya…and the Assad mob called his dare; so, with or without international approval some sort of “action” will have to be taken to re-gain some semblance of moral high ground. Perhaps blowing up a couple of “aspirin factories” with a few cruise missiles might satisfy for that (as it did once before).

The reality is…in the world of international real-politik…moral outrage…has as much effect as passing wind to fend off a tornado from its oncoming path.