(…but first…let’s hope they’ll just get rid of all that “suck”)

I have to thank comedian and actor Chris Rock for coming up with the perfect expression to send to all the members of this new Congress of ours, if we expect to see any kind of significant improvements in the governance of our country.

He came up with it during a recent guest appearance on David Letterman’s show (whom I suddenly realized I could now call ” Sonny” due to my seniority!). Rock was asked by Letterman how hard it had been to write the script for his latest film venture. Rock’s reply…had to do a lot of drafts over and over again…until I got rid of all the –suck- in it!

We would be hard pressed to come up with a more perfect mission statement for this new Congress of ours…GET RID OF ALL THAT PARTISAN SUCK…whatever you do.

After too many years of that kind of nonsense from both parties, perhaps it’s time we, their tax-paying bosses, told them that. Unfortunately, too many folks are so rabidly partisan, civil discussion and debate about how to address pressing issues and needs of our country as a whole appears impossible. All because we keep re-electing political careerists into office which, as a class, become more and more concerned with staying in office… rather than doing what’s in the best interests of the entire country. Which is why here in America these days… extreme partisan ideology over rides… common sense.

Some folks I know, who are of the Democrat persuasion, are so rabidly partisan that they see this new Republican dominance over Congress as catastrophic. Conversely, those of the Republican persuasion, just as rabidly, see it as their grand opportunity to reverse everything the others have done to date…regardless of merit. That’s a hell of a way to run a railroad…much less a country….but apparently the former precepts of –compromise- are no longer valid with either party.

Which brings us back to a previously presented idea, back in 2008, which was, if more of us would only switch to being –Independents- that might diminish such partisan claptrap from our political arena. That’s wishful thinking, no doubt, but we did outline what we thought were effective ways and means to accomplish that (just go to the A.R.M. section of this site and check it out for yourself ).

Meanwhile, don’t expect a lot to improve with this new Congress. All the early wannabe’s for President in 2016 are already jockeying and maneuvering to get into the best position for when the race for that political prize kicks off…perhaps as early as mid-year 2015. So, voting for or against any measures proposed between now and then will, unfortunately, be motivated solely by how well that can enhance their party’s position in that race, even if it means leaving the rest of us to go suck eggs…as usual.

Well, from the looks of things, it will take a lot of do-overs to get things right…but first, let’s hope they’ll just get rid of all that …suck.

So, thank you, Mr. Rock, for giving us an inspiring slogan we tax-paying voters can use as our guiding mantra…when the time comes for us to decide who should be the next President in the 2016 election.