(…even if justice is slowly…ever so slowly…being served)

Since there was no question of guilt, the jury’s decision to impose the death penalty on the surviving younger brother of the Boston Marathon bombing duo, was a well-deserved and inevitable outcome since there were no mitigating reasons for that jury to have decided otherwise.

Of course, even if justice is slowly…ever so slowly…being served by this outcome, it only took a couple of years just to bring him to trial, and now, it will be years more before his sentence is likely to actually be carried out. Meanwhile, he will vegetate on Death Row at the tax- payers expense, while the appeal process grinds on…and on…and on…and on, a sad commentary on how screwed up our American justice system has become in cases such as this one. The process is anything but a “swift and certain” dispensation of justice for such heinous crimes.

Frankly, we’re not in favor of the death penalty under such conditions, not for reasons of principle against it, but because the way such things are allowed to drag on for decades makes a mockery of imposing – death- as the penalty. While the alternative of imposing…life without possibility of parole…may appear to be a more appealing way for achieving justice, here also we have a problem because despite such a judgment…parole…is always still a possibility.

Charles Manson is a case in point. Originally sentenced to death, California changed its mind about imposing it, so his sentence was commuted to life without possibility of parole instead. Yet, every four or five years since then, he is automatically considered for parole by the system anyway…effectively nullifying his sentence. Thus the only advantage we can see for imposing a death sentence is that while a convicted person sits on Death Row…there’s never going to be any mention or thought about parole. They’ll remain behind bars for as long as that appeal process drags on until the sentence is either carried out…or they die from other causes.

We once suggested some time ago a completely different approach regarding capital convictions, one that would permanently eliminate any contentions or problems about these matters. That is, given the accelerating state of the art with our space technologies, instead of either a death sentence or life without parole for those deemed forever beyond the pale of human society, perhaps we are now on the threshold of imposing a new category of ultimate penalty for such crimes – Permanent Extra Terrestrial Exile – (or PETE for short), to a specially established facility on the Moon, or possibly on Mars, where how and in what way they organized themselves to survive would be their problem…no longer ours.


In such a space age version of Devil’s Island or Botany Bay such miscreants would be literally out of our world for good. For a time it would require at least semi-annual deliveries of supplies for things they couldn’t produce for themselves, to maintain the viability of their continued existence there, but beyond that, along with the delivery of new exiles (male and female) there would be no need for other contacts with them. Back here on Earth, meanwhile, besides no longer being a menace to the rest of us, there would be the added benefit of not having to pay for either prison guards or staff to watch over them. Beyond the costs of setting up such a facility in the first place and the ongoing nominal expense of sending it supplies, and transporting new exiles, no further financial obligations would be required.

It seems to us, therefore, that instead of spending time, resources, and technological expertise on how to devise systems for “space tourism” in the future, we should be focusing on the best ways and means to make such a “space exile” concept a reality. For example: of the two reachable places for that purpose… the Moon…or Mars…the latter seems to offer the most likely potential for establishing such a self-sustaining colony of outcasts. From what our –rover- machines are reporting so far, essentials such as water and minerals seem to be there. If it is also found that the planet still has some geothermal capacity at its core then…the sustainability of such a colony could be assured.

It’s an idea due some serious consideration.