(let me count the ways…)

There are a number of folks out there these days who are always ready to pounce with outrage at any perceived slight or demeaning comment made by political candidates, officials in office, corporate heads…or just plain nobodies like the rest of us (which in our cases more often than not ends up expressed mostly as road rage and/or with gunfire).

We call these– professional offendees – because they seem to make a practice at being “offended” about almost anything, anytime, anywhere, no matter how petty or ridiculous such so-called offensiveness might be. It makes us wonder what sort of arid and empty lives they must be leading. Then again, more often than not, such pros get up in arms simply to manufacture public outcry…either to get attention for themselves or someone else, or else for gainful compensation…for having done so.

None of us are immune from goofs, gaffes, or making idiotic if not stupid comments, remarks, and just plain dumbass moves, some time in our lives. For the most part they only embarrass or harm ourselves, not others, so they merit little or no comment by anyone else…and the only apologies needed are to our own consciences about how we should have, could have, done better, and would do so in the future, etc..

Such things are particularly subjected to “offended” outcries when anyone running for political office is involved. The recent incident with Representative Loretta Sanchez, a Democratic Party candidate for the US Senate seat being vacated by Senator Boxer of California, is a good example of that. Ms. Sanchez, in a moment of excitement at a party convention to choose a replacement, made a stereo-type “war hoop” move while referring to being (somewhat) of Native American descent. In the context of that moment, it should have been anything but the …big whoop…some have made it out to be.

Nevertheless, party activists immediately made it into a storm of “offended” protest. A storm in a teacup, that is, because we seriously doubt that any real Native Americans are either aware of Ms Sanchez, or even give a damn about her “offensive” expression of the moment. We further doubt that most of the Twitter blasts she’s received about it from the twit inhabitants of that social media have any Native American connection either. Since her rival for that seat joined in all of that to express “shock” about it, this suggests this is just another contrived inner party contention to weaken one candidate for the benefit of the other.

The end result of this episode was that Ms Sanchez made the abject public apology career politicos usually make when they find themselves in a PR pickle, and are afraid the tiniest bit of offense might cause them to be rejected because of that. However, we think that was a much more grievous error on her part, because it suggests she’s just another political gutless wonder always turning like a weather vane to face whatever wind is blowing.

Instead, it would not only have been refreshingly more honest, but would have gained her much more respect had she simply responded with…I am what I am…so how do I offend thee…let me count the ways…but if that be the way of it…then please…choose someone else. Such a stance would not only gain a hell of a lot more respect and thus…votes…rather than groveling for them.

As for those who have extreme sensibilities about being offended so easily about anything, all we can suggest is that they contain themselves and apply those extreme sensibilities when it comes time to actually vote. That’s a much more effective and meaningful way of expressing how “offended” they might be.