(…you just might get it…Texas style…)

Texas…is all wet…drowning…that is, from way too many torrential rains which seem to be continuing to soak almost every square mile of it. That’s a lot of territory more or less under water, when you consider that it’s second only in size to Alaska, and, if that state were to split itself in two…Texas would be the third largest one.

Such flooding conditions, however, are no laughing matter, especially because it is so widespread and catastrophic in terms of lives lost, homes swept away, and bridge and roadway infrastructures destroyed. Mother Nature seems to have turned into a truly mean and nasty old bitch over there in Texas…and there’s no telling where another of her hissy-fits will strike next.

Climate change pundits will now exclaim and pontificate about how all our carbon emissions are causing such extremes of weather conditions, so we better start cutting down on them…or else, etc., etc..

But extreme weather episodes have been part of our planet’s history, coming and going in recurring cycles, some times more extreme than others, with either massive blizzards, overloads of rainfalls, prolonged drought conditions, not to mention hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes…but none of them directly related to our carbon emissions. At most, we probably are contributing to the rate at which such cycles occur, but not much else. Even if we were to cut off all emissions…tomorrow…those cycles would continue…regardless.

Meanwhile, to paraphrase the lyrics of that musical – Evita – …don’t cry for rain…California …you just might get it…Texas style…El Nino’s coming…El Nino’s coming…in a while, even if it’s gallons short and months late. Of course, because of its bone dry condition, and the upcoming summer fire season, the entire state could be a pile of ashes by the time it gets here…and such rainfall would simply turn it all into one goeey, slippery, mess.

Sometimes…you can’t win…for loosing.