(…seems like there’ll be plenty of bob-tailed nags and bays along with a few mares…in it)

The 2016 presidential campaign sweepstakes are already firing up. A thundering herd of wannabe candidates are gathering on both sides of the political aisle, with their PAC’s and other forms of fund-raising groups popping up like so many fungi all over the place after a good rain. From the looks of things we figure it will be a good billion dollar price tag for anyone’s campaign for that office. Given the numbers of career politicos involved this means the economy will get a hefty boost from all of that…maybe as much as twenty billion…by the time one of them is actually elected.

As usual, both Republicans and Democrats are trotting out well-known tried and true campaigners, presented as old faces with new wrinkles pretending to have had epiphanies of one kind or another, thereby offering new and improved versions of themselves …and for variety’s sake, an assortment of relatively unknown political minnows trying to show that they’re all big kids now, and that they too are ready to play in that grownup political sandbox called…a Presidential election.

It’s much too early in the process to really know if any of these career politicos will actually offer any kind of meaningful ideas, thoughts, or innovative plans…to fix what need fixing or improve what may need improving. Instead, and more than likely, we, the tax-paying voters, will just get more of the same old hype and double-speak about, reining in the Upper Class, rescuing the abused Middle Class, and helping the downtrodden Lower Class, etc., etc., etc..

Well, somewhere in this favored land of ours, there may actually be enough voters with the smarts to say…enough already!…we’ve given these duopoly yoyos plenty of time to get their acts together…yet they still haven’t done right by us. So…maybe it’s time we gave someone else a chance to do right by us, like…limiting terms for legislative office…re-structuring the tax code and system, so both individual and business tax-payers make a more equitable and balanced contribution to the revenue pie…come up with a more rational process for our annual budget exercises…set up a mechanism that will progressively reduce our national debt load, while also rebuilding our collateral reserves against that debt…and get serious about immigration reform. The kind of stuff that will fire up our economic engine well enough so more folks are fully and better employed…and the –American Dream – can once again become a…reality.



And the key for possibly getting any of that accomplished will be by getting enough of us tax-paying voters to quit bitching…and start switching. That is, to ignore both parties and their career politico offerings…and voting for truly “independent” candidates instead. As things stand with us right now…such “independents” might not do any better for us than those from the duopoly mobs…but they sure as hell can’t do any worse.

Well, 2016 may not be your grandpa’s camptown races but…seems like there’ll be plenty of bob-tailed nags and bays along with a few mares…in it…to warrant such a change in our voting habits and perspectives.

If not…we’ll deserve everything…we don’t get.