(…beset by fissions along old fault lines and uncertainty about fusions into new alignments)

Half-way through this second decade of out 21st Century, most of the leaders of our existing world are engaging in the futility of summitry in the face of a world in disorder…beset by fissions along old fault lines and uncertainty about fusions into new alignments. Adding to the helter-skelter and topsy-turvy conditions facing these remnants of a hegemonic world, the warp speed of technological advances just seems to further amplify their impacts on everything that has been part of that world. We are, indeed, in an extended period of transition where everything is in constant state of flux. Whether these leaders understand or even care about that is hard to say. Individually, some probably do…collectively…probably not. They are political creatures after all, thus political survival is their primary and sole consideration.

Meanwhile, for most folks, such periods of transition are viewed as just incomprehensible arrays of economic and socio-political uncertainties…leaving them frozen in such incomprehension much like deer in the headlights of a fast advancing truck bearing down upon them…unable or unwilling to adapt to such conditions of flux…and thus ultimately falling victims to the immutable natural law of…survival of the fittest.

For many others, however, such conditions are simply virgin territories open for enterprises …buccaneering…privateer-type…enterprises, uninhibited and untrammeled by any former precepts of economic, political, or societal order. For them these are times for wide-open free-wheeling getting while the getting is good. They are driven instead by visions of economic hegemonies rather than socio-political ones, where “national” denominations are considered irrelevant to those visions. And if in the pursuit of that they find they are neither large nor strong enough to reach such goals, they are then quite content to carve out whatever “niches” they can…leaving any economic megasaurs to duke it out for domination as best they can. In short, their mantras are…I’ve got mine, Mac…go chaw on y’r own t’abccy.

But in such matrices of disorder, other crises arise as swarms of rogue elements inevitably rear their ugly anarchic, even nihilistic, heads, to create even more chaos and disruptive impacts on existing socio-political order. They proclaim extremism as their common mantra, and apply every form of human barbarity and criminality as their preferred method of choice to achieve their purposes. As such they are inimical to and unable to be part of any open and civil society…they are simply the rawest examples of the dark side of humanity… contributing nothing to its further advancement.


Well, to use a current vernacular expression, such a period of transition simply “sucks”, and everything will remain anxiety-prone, conflicted, and unstable, until all that “suck” is gone from it. Since that often takes what seems to be the longest of time, however, those of us who may still be around, and/or still standing, when the dust from it all has finally settled, expecting to see some sort of a brave new world in front of us after all that turmoil, like so many others before us we’ll just stand there asking ourselves the same age-old question they probably asked…are we there yet?