(…a Fox News knock-off version of Amsterdam’s…Reeperdam)

This televised event reportedly set viewership records for the number of folks who tuned in to watch it…no doubt giving the sponsors of it a very gratifying – ka-ching – sensation from that. Of course the advance marketing build up and hype about it (not to mention Trump’s antics, probably had a lot to do with helping to set that record).

But let’s not kid ourselves here, at this stage of our electioneering process such events are neither designed nor intended to provide serious pro-con “debates” about anything…least of all about any of the current issues of concern to us all…or about the best ways and means to deal with them. Instead, such televised events are simply a way for presidential wannabe’s to stand up in public, like so many street-corner hookers, to cavort and posture with rhetorical grandstand plays saying…Yoo hoo! Look at me! Choose me! Choose me!… hoping thereby to be better remembered when it’s crunch time at the polls. In that sense this G.O.P. Debate event strongly resembled a Fox News knock-off version of Amsterdam’s – Reeperdam – that Dutch city’s famed, or ill-famed (depending on one’s view), red-light district, where are all its working ladies each have their own leased crib/booth, complete with garish lights and picture windows, where they are allowed to creatively display their “wares” to entice clients to come in and…sample…what they have to offer. For a fee, of course, after all, that’s the free market working…just as it ought to.

If this seems a somewhat cynical analogy to describe what our American political process has become…we won’t deny it. There’s hardly an incumbent office-holder or office-seeker at city, county, state, or national level that isn’t constantly “soliciting” for contributions of one kind or another, just to hold on to, or get, such an elected office position. And at the national level, where the costs involved with that are so astronomical it’s no wonder that big money “interests” now seem to have so much more leverage with these than we, the unwashed multitudes with our puny nickel and dime “donations”. We’re lucky if we can get an elected official to even acknowledge our existence… much less do anything favorable to our collective interests. As the old joke says …politicians and corner hookers have one thing in common… they’ll both take your money…and screw you in a New York minute. The big difference between the two, however, is that the hooker is more honest and up-front about taking your money, and, reportedly…does it better.

So when they say that America is the land of “opportunity”…they’re absolutely right…just run for public office! There’s no greater opportunity here than that to do “well”…under the guise of doing…good.