(…because it’s just too damned inconvenient…)

Like many of our other traditions, Veterans Day, is becoming a national non-observance… because it’s just too damned inconvenient…especially if it falls in the middle of the work week as it does this year.

When that’s the case, in most large urban areas such as San Francisco, if it’s observed at all, it is done in as low profile a way as possible, either on a weekend, or just with a quiet parade along a sidebar route away from the main thoroughfare of many of our towns and cities. It would just be too disruptive of our weekday routines otherwise.

Besides, Veterans Day, is not as politically correct these days as say…Cinqo de Mayo (celebrating a Mexican victory over the French in the 1870’s)…Gay Liberation Day…Love Fest (a recent European import)…or even privately owned sports franchises’ World Series or Super Bowl victory celebrations…not to mention any number of privately sponsored marathon events…for all of which no amount of effort, time, or expense, is too much, and, for which, hundreds of thousands will make the time to come and line the streets to cheer and watch any of these events, as being more meaningful expressions of civic pride.

Well, such are the changes in our society’s values these days. Compared to all those other things, what our veterans have sacrificed for the sake of serving this country has diminished in both relevance and value to it. Truth be told veterans are America’s “most unwanted”, especially if they have the gall to come marching home, or even gimping along from their wounds to do so, instead of being carried back home in a…flag-draped box. That’s the unstated reality of it.

But we veterans shouldn’t complain about that, even if all we get for our devotion to duty, honor, and country, are a few green-illuminated buildings, or casual off-handed form expressions of “thanks for your service.” We precious few band of brothers and sisters know who we are, what we went through, and what we accomplished; and even more than all of that, we have something none of those poor twits will ever have…they’ll never know or understand what it means to be…a veteran.