(…but reaching well within them now…)

This latest terrorist action in Paris, France, is a stark reminder to the rest of our civilized world that barbarism is no longer just at the gates…but reaching well within them now, and those that perpetrate such mindless mayhem and slaughter can only be viewed as being kin to…rabid dogs.

There is no justification for any cause or faith (perverted as it might be) to commit such heinous acts. In the face of such creatures we must face reality and no longer delude ourselves that the Joan Rivers approach…can we talk?…is the way to deal with them. Their jihadist-infected minds make any attempts at dialogue with them useless. Instead, as with any other rabid creatures, our only means of self-defense against them should be to put them out of their misery as dispassionately and quickly as possible, and thus protect the rest of the civilized world community from them.

Since they’ve chosen this kind of –guerre a outrance (war without quarter)- we really have no other choice but to hunt them down and eliminate them without pity. Their mindless violence serves no real purpose other than being an exercise in futility to justify whatever cause they think they represent. But such acts of theirs simply invalidate whatever legitimacy they might claim for it.

A greater danger from this situation, however, is that in the process of defending ourselves from them that way, we risk becoming overly phobic of anyone or anything that even remotely resembles them, thus corrupting our values as free and open societies, and becoming just as “rabid” in our purpose as they are in theirs, to ultimately find ourselves in a world of mutual charity for none…and perpetual malice…for all.

Well, Paris may be – en deuil (mourning) right now, but, knowing it as we do, we’re certain that before very long it will once again be as the lyrics of an old Edith Piaf song once put it: “Paris, c’est une blonde, Paris, reine du monde, ses yeux, toujours sourieux, Paris, c’est mon pays.”