(…salivating at the thought of hooking up with Fat-Cat Donald…)

Every four years, besides providing massive injections of campaign funds spending into the economy (like well-spread manure to make votes grow their way), our career politicos engage in something called…The Primaries…of an electoral process, which much resembles a multi-ringed travelling circus, replete with high flying death-defying political maneuvers and zany antics of one kind or the other. All of that long on entertainment value but short…on any kind of substantive debate about anything of real importance or worthwhile.

It’s the American way of politics and we, the voting body politic, wouldn’t have it any other way if we have anything to say about it. Primaries are only intended to showcase partisan fun and games, not for any kind of serious discussions about anything. Besides, these occur right in the middle of the TV doldrums season…giving us an alternative for mid-winter entertainment.

Invariably, of course, there is always one of those political performers whose excessive flamboyance steals the spotlight from everyone else. This time around it’s that erstwhile “Republican” the Donald, billionaire and loud-mouthed wheeler-dealer extraordinaire, who’s been dominating the limelight in the news cycle. Until a few days ago, that is, when he found himself totally upstaged by that other political persona…the former Alaskan mama-grizzly…Sarah Palin.

Emerging from the relative obscurity of these past few years, she literally bounded up onto the stage at one of the Donald’s rallies, an instant transformation from mama-grizzly into cougar-babe (salivating at the thought of hooking up with Fat-Cat Donald), to give him her endorsement for President. An endorsement made with manic borderline orgasmic adulation and enthusiasm. A performance that left him speechless, somewhat non-plussed, and nearly wincing when he found himself engulfed in her patting, full-body contact, smooching embrace…accompanied by the wildly cheering applause of his devoted followers there (although we’re not sure if that was for her endorsement of him…or just plain prurient hopes of egging her on to a more explicit display of public affection).

In any event it was definitely a wildly energizing “Kodak” moment for his campaign. Whether any of that will make his bid for the Presidency become reality, we can’t say, but this episode has raised some rather disturbing…what if…images in our mind about an eventuality ending up with a Donald and Sarah show…running things in Washington, D.C.

Picture it…the Donald wheeling and dealing from the confines of that Oval Office, while his VP cougar-babe Sarah prowled the hallowed venal corridors of Congress, to button-hole and entice any of its members she could corner there, to help get done whatever they wanted done (even if that weren’t anything we the tax-paying voters wanted done)

Lord, have mercy! The possible eventuality of such mental images is enough to make us seriously consider seeking asylum…in Canada.