(…from persistent use of first person singularities…and peevish personal animus)

Regardless what the polls might say, or what outcomes result from of either the Iowa or New Hampshire primaries, Donald Trump continues to display a disqualifying lack of presidential character.

Here’s why: his persistent use of first person singularities whenever responding to questions about issues and matter of concern, and, his peevish personal animus against anyone daring to ask him such questions, are not the marks of the qualities of leadership we should have, or even want, occupying the White House. They are, instead, the hallmark of an egocentric autocrat and demagogue, which is not what our country needs given the condition it is in today.

His role playing as the only rogue bull tusker in an otherwise ordinary G.O.P. herd of pachyderms may have some “ass kicking” appeal to some, but it doesn’t conform to the system designed by the Founders of this republic of ours. A system which requires a collective consensus to accomplish anything worthwhile, rather than governance by Executive Order.

Donald Trump either ignores or doesn’t understand such a concept, and that, is his most disqualifying characteristic of all.