(…fixating on finding a “Russian Connection”)

If ever anyone needed further proof that politics, as we practice them here in America, are just as dirty a tit-for-tat game as can be found anywhere else in the world, the current hoo-hah about possible collusion between Czar Vladimir and the Trump campaign crew to help tip the election results in favor of Donald Trump, is as good an example as any.

The only motive we can figure for Czar Vladimir to do so is that he saw it as an opportunistic way to hedge his bet to have those results produce what he considered could be a more accommodating, if not a more friendly, occupant in the White House for the next four years. For whatever reasons, he figured Donald Trump was a better choice for that than Hillary Clinton. In our view this just shows Mr. Putin may not be as canny as everyone thinks he is. There were potentially much better candidates from both parties for that than either Donald Trump or Secretary Clinton.

We also think Czar Vladimir may have misjudged the situation because, unless he has some really serious “dirt” that could destroy Trump’s position, he may now have to face up to the reality that having to deal with a unpredictably loose cannon like Trump won’t give him what he hoped to get from such efforts to manipulate our election process. Meanwhile, all those unhappy that the outcome of our election gave Trump a four year lease-hold on 1600 Pennsylvania  Avenue, in DC…are desperately moaning and groaning…Russia, Russia, Russia…and fixating on finding a “Russian Connection” to support their view that Trump was not legitimately elected to be President.

Of course, we don’t know what will result from all this. If there isn’t such a connection; then, none of those efforts will have had any purpose, beyond just being another “nasty tricks” exercise, with neither Russia nor the USA gaining anything from it. Unfortunately, President Trump’s blunderbuss style of counter attacking any form of criticism about him simply keeps things smoldering on…and on…leaving the rest of us to cope with a constant state of uncertainty and anxiety until this nagging tooth-ache of an issue is put to rest.

There are a hell of a lot more pressing problems our country needs to focus on, and, to find the best ways and means to fix them, so in terms of priority, whatever the Putin-Trump connection may or may not be, it shouldn’t be worth so much attention. Or as any good undocumented immigrant might put it…esta que esta…it is what it is.