(…and now it’s the Democrats’ turn to piss on the Republicans’ parade)

There’s nothing more ridiculous than having to watch supposedly smart political types engage in what amounts to a useless “pissing contest.”

When President Obama got elected we were subjected to a Republican Greek Chorus of “Birthers” and “Benghazi-ites” yammering away for almost the entire eight years of his time in office, obstructing almost everything proposed to get something done. Now, this time around, we have the same kind of situation, with a Democrat Chorus yammering about “Russian Connections” and “Liar Liar Pants On Fire”, with President Trump.

Of course his latest blunderbuss black-blast charge against President Obama’s alleged phone tapping of his private calls from his campaign headquarters at the Trump Tower in New York just adds more fuel to their contentions, and does nothing to move forward on critical issues that need to be dealt with, as our country keeps heading to hell in a hand basket while all these Democrat and Republican keep going at it hammer and tongs.

Well, it’s truly tit for tat all the way folks…and now it’s the Democrats’ turn to piss on the Republicans’ parade…leaving us to wonder…when in the hell are all these politicos going to  knock it off, grow up, and start making America…great again?