DISUNITING THE KINGDOM OF THE BRITISH…                                                                                                                                                                                    (an unintended consequence of BREXIT)

Besides severely rattling the bars of EU’s cage, BREXIT, may have also lit the fuse for disuniting the kingdom of the British, as an unintended consequence of that decision. Whether that will be viewed as a negative or positive prospect depends a lot on the perspectives of those viewing such a result.

From the ever-restive Scots’ perspective which is largely pro-EU, compared to the English, that decision has them now mulling over the merits of once again considering independence from England…after some four hundred years of having been “united” with it after their Stuart King James became King James of England following the demise of Elizabeth I. Needless to say it was not an easy merger, particularly since the Stuart line that followed brought about a lot of turmoil and conflict to their supposed unity. Even so, and despite all that, it must be admitted that the Scots were a major impetus contributing to the rise and extent of the subsequent British Empire…not just by the excellence of their military prowess, and their more adventurous and less xenophobic spirit, but also by their strong business acumen and enterprising skills, especially with regard to banking and financial affairs (in which the Scots have often made the Gnomes of Zurich seem like amateurs). Much of that empire’s endurance and success was largely administered and led by them, two of its main pillars being the Hudson’s Bay and the East India companies. No matter where the sun shone on that British Empire, the odds were the Scots were the driving force of its presence there.

In any case, should such a separation become a reality, this could actually be a positive and beneficial thing. That is, Scotland would become a booming entrepot of import/export activity, as England’s “back door” portal to the EU marketplace for its products, thus generating a symbiotic relationship to replace the old one…all in all perhaps a more profitable and stable forward relationship for them both. The only minor negative that we can think of here is that Her Majesty and her family would henceforth need to have visas…to visit Balmoral.

Not to be outdone by the Scots, both the Protestant and Catholic Irish may now seriously consider the benefits of setting aside their nearly nine hundred years of feuding, by having that remnant English enclave of Ulster opt to split from England to join with the Irish Republic, another strong pro-EU entity, and finally make all of the Emerald Isle…whole again. Here too there is a positive gain for both the Irish and the English. The only negative we see about that is that English consumers would then have to pay import duties, on top of any VAT levies, on Guinness brews. Still, that would be a relatively small price to pay for such an eventuality.

Well, that’s as the world turns, as they say. We’ll just have to wait and see how it all turns out. Stay tuned.


it never pays to predict outcomes

it never pays to predict outcomes