(…they desperately seek refuge in our world’s few remaining arks of safety)                              

This world seems to be heading into an era of mass upheavals and displacements of much of its populations. Beset by a global flood of instabilities, they now desperately seek refuge in what they perceive as the world’s few remaining arks of safety because those instabilities have reached tsunami-like dimensions…arising mainly from corrupt and criminal tyrannies of one kind or another …indiscriminate murder, rape, and pillage from the insanities of extreme sectarian conflicts …and from other impacts as the outcomes of economic, political, and social tensions compounded by a variety of natural and man-made disasters besides.

Thus these masses of desperate humanity surge out in torrential numbers, numbers impossible to easily absorb and integrate into those arks of safety which they perceive as being their sole means of hope for survival; and. because of their massive numbers, their arrival may simply overwhelm and destabilize the very arks of safety they so desperately try to reach.

Ours, of course, is one such “ark” of stability and safety, but the way things are with us these days we can’t help but wonder…are we really one of those arks of stability and safety? Well, compared to where all these tired, poor, and yearning to be free masses are coming from, perhaps we are, despite any “instabilities” from internal stresses and strains of our own making, even though blessed as we are by our founders’ gift of a blueprint for the kind of governance and social order which has proven itself to be as sound as any…flexible and resilient…and having withstood many great impacts against it for over two hundred years. It’s not a perfect record of performance, to be sure, but on the whole we have maintained a decent batting average, so to speak.

But the real question in this instance, with all these upheavals now swirling around our “ark” is this: Is this ark of ours in such good working order that we will be able to cope with such an influx of desperate folks trying to come aboard?

We have our doubts, not because we don’t have the abilities, resources, or skills, to do so, but because we seem to have lost our cohesion and unity as a nation due to a terrible decline in the quality of leadership that’s needed to achieve such cohesion and unity. And that decline in leadership quality is of our own doing because, for the past fifty years, we’ve allowed to emerge a class of career politicos solely dedicated to perpetuating itself in office, rather than providing the quality of leadership needed to maintain our national cohesion and unity.

We’ve allowed this to happen because we’ve been foolish enough to keep voting for and returning these career politicos into office over and over, and over again…some for thirty or more years in those offices. Inevitably such long tenures have led to self-interest and a sense of privilege, rather than dedication to work to the utmost to achieve the best possible results for our common interest as a whole.

Unfortunately we also often allow ourselves to be conned by slick demagogue pied-pipers pretending to be the kind of leadership we need, simply because they look and sound good, exude the charisma and notoriety of being a celebrity, or paint grand evocative word pictures about how they will cure all our problems for us, and so on, suspending our sense of disbelief in such false pretensions and promises.

Well. if we don’t soon start to reset our common sense buttons, and begin to demand from all such candidates for political office the kind of leadership we need to restore our cohesion and national unity, we may not be able to continue doing any good for ourselves… much less anyone else.