(…that some people’s beliefs about the reasons for it are no weirder than any others…)

People have all sorts of beliefs of one kind or another, especially when they try to find reasons for why circumstances are the way they are. Some seem odd, others strange, and some just plain nuts. That’s been the pattern of our psyche’s way throughout human history, right from the beginning when our species quit swinging from tree limbs, began walking upright, and otherwise became acutely…self-aware.

Among other beliefs has been the idea of re-incarnation which, in one form or another, can be found in almost every religion of the world, but particularly among those who are devotees to spiritualism. So it shouldn’t be surprising that we, the tax-paying voters in this instance, should be seeking out any kind of explanations for why we have such uninspiring choices for this coming election.

As we pointed out in one of our earlier issues about this election year, there is a collective of folks out there, strong believes in conspiracies of one kind or another, about almost everything, as the only explanation for why we have these two particular candidates running for that Oval Office. Their belief being that in this instance there was a secret deal made between Madame Clinton and Monsieur Trump which would guarantee her election to that office. How else to explain his outrageous performances since the start of the campaign process to date? Or so they believe.

Well now we’ve come across an even stranger ser of folks, strong believers in that re-incarnation idea, who are seriously convinced they have absolute proof of it in the present situation. That is, they firmly believe that Donald Trump must be…the re-incarnation of Henry VIII, the bad-boy king of England way back when.

Normally we would have dismissed such a notion out of hand but, but because there are some intriguing parallels in the psychological makeup of these two characters, such a belief couldn’t be ignored. Here’s why:

  • In his youth Henry was a reasonably friendly, open, and generous guy, full of fun, who reveled in having the “common touch”. So was Trump.
  • But as he grew and matured into adulthood the ego-centric aspects of Henry’s character became more glaringly apparent. So with Trump.
  • Once in power as king, Henry indulged in a lavish life-style, spent much of his kingdom’s wealth on grandiose schemes, many failing, nearly bankrupting it, womanized like a rutting bull, went through a half dozen wives, and generally turned into a petulant, loud-mouthed and very nasty bully. Ditto Mr. Trump (except for the wife count and the manner by which they were discarded).

We must admit that such a perspective about Mr. Trump is somewhat far-fetched, but then, who are we to deny it, except to mention that these same re-incarnation believers have somehow been unable to come up with a comparable character analysis for Ms. Clinton yet…which causes us to have some serious doubts about their objectivity. Nevertheless, if we were to be asked to venture a suggestion to them for that purpose we would propose that they consider…Catherine de Medici…who in her day was one of the wiliest female political players and one of the most masterfully skilled artists for clandestine manipulations.

Like we said…it’s the wildest election year yet and the only explanation is…that some people’s beliefs about the reasons for it are no weirder than any others.