(…blaming the troops who fell for it…instead of its own fast-shuffle bunglers who ran it)

We have long understood that, when it comes to veterans (whether Regulars, Reservists, or National Guards), America only “supports” the troops it sends off into harm’s way…if they come home…in a flag-draped box. In all other respects they simply become part of … America’s Most Unwanted.

The eternally less than mission oriented practices of the VA are well known, and have been well publicized in recent memory. All of which is disgraceful enough, but when the DOD itself goes out of its way to screw the troops who were putting their lives on the line for it…many of whom actually did…that’s not just a disgrace…it means that those who serve this country are serving one which is now…without honor.

One of the fundamental doctrines drummed into the minds of those of us who were trained and groomed for command responsibilities was this: Never, ever, screw the troops. As commanders, when it came to having any comforts, amenities, or any form of praise…our place was at the back of the line. When it came to faults, or blame for anything…our place was at the head of the line. Whatever else the circumstances might be…the troops always came…first. It was not just a code to live by…it was an outright obligation for having that burden of command.

Well, apparently those were “old school” standards. Not so today.

This latest situation is another example of how far the standards of right conduct and right action have declined in the command echelons of our nation’s military establishment. To hustle troops more or less in the midst of fire fights to “re-up” with the promise of a “bonus” for doing so…and then ten year later…renege on the deal because some idiot REMFS back at HQ made mistakes in how they made those deals…is dishonorable in the extreme.

Which raises an important question here…why aren’t those who mistakenly issued such bonuses being asked to pay those back…instead of going after the troops who were conned into accepting them? More importantly…how many of those responsible were either dismissed from their plush bureaucratic jobs…or if retired…have had their pensions garnished for their mistakes?




   YOU’RE SCREWED…BECAUSE YOU’RE ONE OF…                  

AMERICA’S MOST UNWANTED…UNLESS…YOU ARE                                                                                    

                                 BROUGHT HOME

                          IN A FLAG-DRAPED BOX!                                                                                                                

                               THANKS AMERICA!                                                

              IT’S NICE TO KNOW WE’VE SERVED                        

                     SUCH A GRATEFUL NATION!