(from not understanding or believing in our constitutionally mandated electoral process)

The tectonic political shock of Mr. Trump ending up as the President-elect over Secretary Clinton has unleashed waves of protesters all over the country about such a result. Their election loser’s post-partum angst seems to be coming from not understanding or not believing in our constitutionally mandated process which produced this outcome. This seems particularly acute among our young generations who seem woefully ignorant about that peculiarity of our presidential election process, further suggesting that our entire educational system has sunk to an abysmally low condition about its civics instruction.

Watching and listening to the slogans and rants of such protesters, many of whom are obviously well under the voting age, it’s obvious that they are being driven and motivated almost entirely by emotion…displaying the same kind of irrational reactions so often seen in a number of “banana republics” around the world whenever their erstwhile election results are not to their liking.

It’s thus a sad commentary about the state of our country.

Of course a major contributing factor to this kind of reaction has been the exceptionally mean-mouthed campaign rhetoric used by both parties during this particular election cycle. The moral of that being…if you indulge in that kind of uncivil action…the consequences of it will always come back to bite you where the sun don’t shine. Mr.Trump is getting a first- hand example of how that works.

Well, let us not forget that “democracy” lets us vote…dumb…as well as…smart…and which way we did so this time around…remains to be seen. Meanwhile, welcome to USA Inc., where the operating principle will now apparently be to apply corporate management style for governance. How well that will work compared to what we’ve recently experienced also remains to be seen.