(we can but hope it’s a possibility)

There’s still a lot of moaning and wailing among folks upset about the results of this recent election. They just can’t accept the reality of it, and, for better or for worse we’re all stuck with those results for the next four years. So instead of continuing to uselessly yowl about it, it might be better if everyone stopped, took a step back, and spent their time to seriously consider what might be more effective ways and means to achieve some real change in our country’s condition instead.

Protesting and parading around with demonstrations may be great “street theater” but it doesn’t accomplish much. If those who are doing so had any real “smarts” they would realize that and focus instead on how to increase our “leverage” over those who now govern us…and there is a way to do it…if we care to work at it. Luckily we have some 18 months of time to do it.

Back in 2008, we came up with the idea for something we call…A.R.M….American Reform Movement…as a way to do it, and to do so constructively, not just to create obstruction and turmoil. It’s a simple concept…one which allows us to take both individual political action, and collective political action, without having to become part of any kind of formal political “party.”

Its basic idea is this: The only part of our government structure over which we, the people, have any real “leverage” is with The House of Representatives. That’s because we have a direct voice about who gets elected to it, and, because we can do so every two years. The Senate is less open to us because the tenure there is for six years,, and it’s mostly a private club for the moneyed and special interests. As for the White House, that’s essentially the prize of the political warfare between the two halves of our political duopoly, so we have little or no leverage there either.

So why should we focus on the House? That’s because the House…controls the money! That is, it determines how we’re to be taxed…and how those taxes are to be spent. Thus, if we, the people, manage to get a firmer grip on the House, we’ll have a better means of achieving the changes we might want…regardless of who is in the Oval Office…or which fat cats dominate the Senate. We outlined the ways and means to do it, and it’s all laid out in the ARM section of this website. Check it out, especially the introductory video explaining why we think this is the best way to help get our country back into top shape…without a lot of wrangling. It’s time for us, the tax-paying voters of this country to be part of the solution not part of the problem…and start to get our act together.