(…good fences make good neighbors)

President Trump is apparently going all out with his campaign pledge to build a wall along our border with Mexico.

Understandably that’s not going over very well in Mexico City where it must be viewed as a twisted version of Robert Frost’s…good fences make good neighbors…and does nothing to dampened their perspective that such a move is proof of an anti-Hispanic, anti-Latino, agenda in the USA. A perspective which might be hard to refute since no similar structure is being contemplated along our border with Canada.

Borders are borders, after all, so if the political validity of that slogan of “protecting our borders”, made during the election campaign is to retain that validity…why is our President not calling for building TWO walls…one for each of our borders? What good is it to build only one, if we’re going to leave a “back door” northern border wide open for anyone to come here that way…regardless of how high we build one wall along that other southern border?

We’re beginning to wonder if we really installed anyone with any real “smarts” over there at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, in Washington, D.C. or, as they say in a card game of Bridge… have we been, or are we being…Trumped!