(…it’s just a bit of Peronismo to tide you over…don’t you know.)

President Trump’s flurry of executive orders from his first week of work suggests his term in that Oval Office will create an even more dominant, if not absolute, Executive Branch of our government, while our Legislative Branch, the Congress, will be marginalized and simply become a submissive rubber-stamping function, and little else.

It’s obvious from all of this that he has little patience with, or regard for, the delicate check and balance structure and system of government the Founders of our republic designed for us. His view of it being that it has become a hindrance, if not an obstruction, to achieving the radical changes and grand schemes he envisages for our country. Thus, his use of the executive orders to get around that hindrance and obstruction, while a Greek Chorus of mouthpieces and surrounding sycophants ably spin it all to ensure no one is allowed to realize that this “emperor” may not only have no clothes on, but is beginning to sing… ”Don’t cry to me America…it’s just a bit of Peronismo to tide you over…don’t you know.”

It seems therefore that he is bound and determined to forcefully impose those radical changes he wants for us, even if it means doing so much as Peron did in Argentina, Chavez in Venezuela, not to mention a slew of others, including the likes of Putin in Russia, Erdowan in Turkey, and Ping in China. His recent acts concerning construction of that Wall along our southern border with Mexico, and his directives about visas and immigration from a list of countries he has deemed “undesirable” are clear examples of such a mindset.

It also shows, as we’ve mentioned to several of our friends, that President Trump may indeed be a grand-master with the blunderbuss approach for solving problems, which he prefers it over the stiletto one, because he apparently has little taste for or any real skills at using the stiletto approach to solve them, even if it might be slicker, if not quicker, and definitely much less messy from any domestic or foreign PR perspective.

Which leaves us with just one double-barreled question we would like to ask of him here: “Mr. President, if this is the way you plan to drain that swamp…where will all those alligators in it go…and how will these be dealt with…after you’ve drained it?”