(…but to govern…you have to know how to manipulate…)

It’s always fascinating to watch how ego-centric personalities, such as President Trump, react once they’re in a position of authority and power.

While these have a strong charisma exuding an extreme magnetic attraction for some folks, much like one of those – Black Holes – astrophysicists talk about, causing these to suspend whatever senses of critical thought and perspective they might otherwise have were they not in their orbit, such personalities tend to operate on the basis of…to order…is to dictate… but to govern…you have to know how to manipulate…to achieve whatever agendas you have in mind.

While this approach may work effectively and well when running a business empire, it does not translate very well into a matrix where –demos cratos – rather than – auto cratos – is the rule. Granted, the first is often messy and not very efficient when it comes to getting something done because it depends upon collaboration to do so, the second on the other hand, while definitely much more efficient in getting things done, does not depend upon collaboration…only upon obedience. If this seems too refined a distinction to make between the two approaches to governance, most folks tend to react negatively and ultimately resent – auto cratos – regardless how efficient it might be.

From what we’re seeing so far about President Trump’s approach to getting things done, it may be quite a while before he learns that distinction between…dictating…and governing.