(…or are these simply dishonest political ploys)

The accrued level of people who are illegally here in this country has grown exponentially for a number of decades. All because local elected officials, not to mention a few State governors, and even some of the Federal authorities charged with applying our immigration and visa rules, have turned a blind eye to the situation. Even Congress has failed us by refusing to discuss ways and means to resolve the issue.

Local elected officials in a number of cities have even gone so far as to violate their oaths of office, by declaring their cities ”sanctuaries.” Sanctuaries from what, or, are such declarations simply dishonest political ploys to maintain the support of a particular part of their constituents?

What’s even worse is that no one, none of our elected officials, no one in the media, and none of the so-called advocacy groups involved with this issue, makes any effort to make a clear distinction between true immigrants…those who go through the process to come here legally to become citizens…and those who sneak into the country to remain here illegally. These are not true “immigrants” but…cheaters…first cheating to get here, then continuing to game and cheat the system to remain here, aided and abetted by a slew of so-called “advocates for immigrant rights” who help them do so. Nor should we ignore the less than honest contributing support for this carousel of cheaters …by employers who exploit the situation for their own profit. These are the most dishonest of all.

No country in the world accepts such a situation, so why should we? Even President Trump is not honest about it. His recent focus on only one kind of “immigrant” is simply a slight of hand movement…nothing more. It doesn’t really address the problem, nor does it signify any intention of resolving it. Which leads us to ask…how many “undocumented” workers do we think are currently employed by his high-priced hotels?

It’s time to quit hiding all that dishonesty about the issue behind euphemisms such as “undocumented” and call such people what they are…illegals.

We have no problem with people who come seeking asylum here. Nor do we have a problem allowing the useful concept of having temporary “guest workers” to help employers who need such labor. What we do have a problem with is a Congress which refuses to make any serious effort to make common sense reforms to the current system, simply because of ideological and partisan interests. As for so-called “sanctuaries” there is no need for these since anyone who lands on these shores and claims “asylum” is automatically protected from deportation while their case is being adjudicated.

The failure of our elected officials to uphold and enforce our laws about this issue over the years is the primary reason that today we now have millions of people here…who shouldn’t be here…and their children…who are now between a rock and a hard place because they were either brought here illegally as infants, then grew up here, or, who were born here while their parents were in that illegal status. These are the true victims of all that dishonesty by everyone concerned, and for these, there is a moral obligation to allow for special consideration on how we will resolve their situation.

In any event national or ethnic origins, or religious denominations, have no bearing on how we treat those who come to this country. The only valid factor of consideration is…whether they have come here legally…or not. Everything else is irrelevant.