(…unless it conforms exactly to their own views…about anything…)

Back in the Sixties, while we were involved with various operations in the mountains and jungles of what were the northern wildernesses of the former Kingdom of Laos, our younger brother sent us a note proudly announcing he had finally gotten his PhD from…Berkley. To which we replied…what in…arson…or rioting? Fortunately he took that bit of tongue-in-cheek razzing with good grace, given what was going on there at the time.

The recent riotous and destructive protests they’ve displayed against the presence on campus of a controversial personality invited to speak there by the Young Republicans club, clearly shows that nothing much has changed since those times. Berkley-ites still have no tolerance for anyone else’s free speech…unless it conforms exactly to their own views… about anything….which is a sad commentary about their standards of civility at what is supposedly one of the crown jewels of the California university system. It makes us wonder …does Berkley really provide a “higher” education for its students, or does it simply indoctrinate them to believe in another form of intolerance and bigotry?

Of course we also can’t ignore the impact of Social Media technologies have to aid and abet those who are more prone to emotional rather than reflective reaction about hot-button issues. Those recent riotous and violent events at Berkley show how social media were a strong contributing factor in the way those “protests” were organized and conducted.

It also shows us, frankly, that those who reacted that way, really don’t have any claim to the intellectual capacity and just plain smarts one might expect from anyone supposedly qualified for university-level learning. What none of them seem to understand is that the most effective form of “protest” is not noisy demonstration…but absolute silence…and public disdain for their presence…by ignoring them completely. Nothing bites worse than being publicly ignored, especially when one is touring around the country trying to promote a book.

So imagine what the impact that kind of treatment could have on one of our highest level Twitter-freaks…if no one made any kind of response to his Tweets. How long do we think he would continue posting these? For anyone who is still deeply upset by the outcome of our recent elections…this is something to consider. Well, free speech is free speech, but, if you don’t care for what someone is saying…keep your earphones on and keep on keeping on browsing your mobile IPhone or IPad by tuning out right in from of them. If that doesn’t deliver the message on the intensity of your disdain for what they have to say…nothing will.