(…to fix what needs fixing in America)?

Despite a post-election chorus of doom and gloom naysaying from the sidelines, it looks like we Americans decided to take a flying leap of faith on a wild bet to improve the governance of our country. But the big question about that is if this counter-intuitive choice of ours will actually accomplish any that for us. 

At this early stage of the Trump administration it’s much too soon to tell. Frankly, its first leaps out of the gate don’t look very promising, so we’re left wondering…is the Trump billionaire’s club the right prescription…to fix what needs fixing in America? We don’t know. Although Trump and his cadre of billionaires are absolute pragmatists when it comes to resolving anything, and thus won’t allow either ideological or partisan blather to obstruct what they deem necessary to get the results they want, whether having such “pragmatism” in charge of things will produce what we hope it will is really a fifty-fifty proposition.

While such pragmatism can be constructive in the way it affects things, it can also have very destructive impacts if it is solely driven by motives for the benefit of a few rather than for our entire collective. Nevertheless because such a billionaire’s club’s private interests are so extensive in both scale and scope, it’s not likely to do anything that will ultimately screw up those interests. So in that sense, and despite the fact it seems to be operating in the style and manner of a used-car salesman hustling to palm off a lemon on a dumbass buyer, we can remain cautiously optimistic that our collective interests will still be secure.

The only real problem we might have with such a pragmatic approach to governance is that it tends to ignore everyone else’s sensibilities, being mostly guided by the situation ethics of the ends…justifying the means. That shouldn’t surprise us because, historically, all governments of whatever kind have always operated that way; but, the difference with us is that the Founders of our republic devised a system that makes it appear more “couth” about it than most other forms of government. Because President Trump’s rock’em-sock’em style (some might say crude and rude) doesn’t conform to that optic…that may explain why so many folks are upset at having him in charge.

Meanwhile, for those folks who are convinced that the way Trump’s crew is likely to handle our ship of state as it cruises across all those oceans of uncertainty ahead…is certain to make them extremely seasick…the only advice we can offer them at the moment…is to make sure they have plenty of Dramamine at hand. It could be a very bumpy ride.