(…then never mind about the clowns…where are all those pros?)

We’ve lived through a lot of transition episodes with new incoming administrations in our time, most showcasing how well the smooth transfer of power is made in here America. But this Trump one seems to be operating straight out of a Keystone Cops movie script.

For all the campaign bragging and bluster about what “incredible” talents we tax-paying voters would get from that Trump “fab” machine once it took office, if it looks like what we’re getting instead is amateur night at the White House…then never mind about the clowns…where are all those pros?

The current uproar about General Flynn’s private contacts with Russia’s ambassador, as Mr. Trump’s Security Advisor designate, before Mr. Trump actually took office, and now his forced resignation from that senior staff position because of that, is indicative of a serious disarray if not incoherent approach when dealing with international affairs. Good soldier that he is, however, the general has quietly fallen on his sword for the sake of his Commander in Chief.

This raises some troublesome questions in our mind about this whole sorry episode. For one thing, given Mr. Trump’s claimed expertise at making deals, if this was an early attempt to set things up for making one with the Russians, then it was a less than expert one. Let’s not forget that at this level of authority no one moves, and nothing is done, without the direct approval of the boss which, in this instance, could have been an informal suggestion for his personal security “mouthpiece” to make that contact, as a signal to his counterpart in Moscow that, once in office, he was willing to discuss all issues between our two countries, in keeping with his often proclaimed desire to have better relations with Russia.

If that was the context for making such a contact before officially taking office, there’s really nothing improper or irregular about it, and this furor about it is simply one more display of the extreme political conflicts that seem to run rampant in Washington, DC.

Unfortunately something else seems to be involved here. Something serious and worrisome enough to have both the Justice Department and the FBI get involved in the matter. What that might be we don’t yet know. It could be anything from heavy conflicts of interest to something more grossly scandalous. It all remains to be seen.

In any case this could explain why a savvy pro like General Flynn would risk his reputation by deceiving the Vice President and being less than forthcoming to the FBI about what was discussed with the Russian ambassador.

 None of this drama, of course, does much of anything to sustain our confidence in the quality of the professional talents Mr. Trump has been putting together to help him…make America great again.