(…like a big black kettle trying to call all other pots…black)

At the recent CPAC conference both President Trump and his main mouthpiece, Mr. Bannon, made clear what their agenda is. That is, to completely de-construct the international trade system and foreign alliance structures which America helped to create during the past sixty years since the end of WW II. It is nothing less than an absolute rejection of the stabilizing influence that America-led system has stood for all that time.

Unfortunately, to accomplish that agenda, the Trump dreadnought machine keeps on keeping on being a big black kettle trying to call all other pots…black. Mr. Bannon in particular coining a new set of rhetorical epithets like “corporatist” and “globalist” to justify vilifying that old trade system and its related alliance structures.

This is not only puzzling, perhaps even hypocritical if not ironic, because Mr. Trump, Mr. Bannon, and the entire crew accompanying them into the Executive Branch of our government, are all products of that “corporatist” and “globalist” matrix, the one which allowed them to achieve their collective extreme wealth and prominence which they all enjoy. Can anyone can say the Trump business empire is not a “corporatist” or a “globalist” one. Nor can it be described as being “liberal”. The same must be said of Mr. Trump’s crew… all former elites of the likes of Exxon-Mobil, Goldman-Sachs, Breitbart, etc., and the rest of that “corporatist” and “globalist” universe against which both Mr. Trump and Mr. Bannon are now so strongly railing against.

Why then would they turn against the very same matrix that gave them that wealth and prominence? While we could dismiss it all as just a bit of demagogue pandering to a specific audience of core supporters (telling them what they want to hear rather than the realities that exist), it may in fact simply be a very ordinary dog-in-the-manger display of…we’ve got most of that pie now so the rest of you can go…suck eggs!