(…who’s the faux-new-iest of them all?)

In the latest escalation of his war with the news “media”, Mr. Trump’s calling it an “enemy of the people” shows that were it not for our Constitution he would muzzle and control all news sources exactly in the same way most other authoritarian leaders have done, and do, by forbidding any form of criticism of his authority or actions. In some places, like North Korea and Iran, such lese majeste can be a capital offense. In others such as Putin’s Russia, Xi Ping’s China, Castro’s Cuba, and Chavez’s Venezuela, etc., the penalties for criticism while not generally so extreme, means a long residence in whatever gulag facilities these may have.

Both our parents were journalists with solid reputations for the integrity and the legitimacy of their reporting, and neither would have allowed a “liberal” or “conservative” bias to color what they reported on or wrote about. We believe that most journalists today do try to do the same. So as far as we’re concerned this kind of broad brush indictment of journalists in general is an insult to their memory…and not something we are inclined to easily forgive or forget.

As for those of us who mainly present “opinion” and critical analysis about what is being reported of events and actions swirling around us, that is, who are denizens of the Op-Ed environment, we have slightly more leeway when it comes to any infusion of so-called “liberal” or “conservative” bias. In our case that may be difficult since some folks think we’re somewhere to the right of Genghis Khan, while others are just as convinced we’re way to the left of…Thomas Paine.  Even so, we make no attempt to pretend otherwise, so anyone reading what we produce here understands we’re expressing our own perspectives and conclusions about such events and actions, and so, they have the right to either concur or reject them as they see fit. While we might prefer folks to agree with our views, even if they don’t, that at least means they’ve read what we’ve produced and so we’ve had…an audience!

Mr. Trump apparently cannot abide any form of criticism, constructive or otherwise. So what we have here is a President who is going to insist that if there’s any faux-news to be heard, it must only come from the White House, and nowhere else. In short his outbursts against the news media are simply a case of …mirror mirror on the wall…who’s the faux-new-iest of them all? Well, we can’t help but wonder how the White House would react if at its next news briefing…there just was no one there to hear what they had to say?

Meanwhile, we’d like to suggest to President Trump the following bit of advice from a Roman philosopher emperor named Marcus Aurelius about how to better deal with critics, like the news media: “If it’s good to say or do something; then, it is better to be criticized for having said or done it.”