(in a setting of ostentatious grand luxury)

Things have really changed in this world of ours.

Who could have guessed, even just a few short months ago, that the leader of the top Communist power (still standing) would be meeting with and be the personal guest of the leader of the top Capitalist power (still standing), with both making nice while talking tough with each other.

That’s quite a switch from where we were just over a year ago, when rabid anti-China campaign rhetoric was the mantra du jour of a wannabe candidate for President. Yet, here we are today, with our billionaire President not only cordially hosting China’s President Ping’s state visit with the usual pomp and circumstance for such occasions, but then, taking him as a personal guest down to his lavish personal estate in Florida besides. It boggles the mind.

The result from all that, however, seems to be that these two are now establishing some kind of working “entente generale” if not “cordiale”, to take care of matters of common concern…much like two Mafia Dons and all their Consiglieri having an initial sit down to explore how to co-exist…with a minimum of contention and conflict between them.

Of course President Trump inviting President Ping down to his private luxury digs in Florida could also have been a sly ploy to show him how capitalism can truly be rewarding …if you know how to game it. Then again, being the real estate wheeler-dealer that he is, perhaps President Trump was just using the occasion to hint to President Ping that similar properties could be had for him in Florida, if he’d care to invest in one, and that Trump would be more than happy to negotiate a good deal for one on his behalf…if he was so inclined. The way things can go south for those in power in China, President Ping must have been much gratified by such a generous offer.

Not to be outdone by such “big face” moves, however, President Ping ended up inviting President Trump to come visit him in China later this year. You can bet that if President Trump does so, he’ll be one-upped in true Chinese Imperial style just to show him that you don’t need to be a self-made billionaire to put on an even grander luxury show if you own a whole country…not just a business empire.

Well, if that’s the epitome of our President’s grand diplomacy…that works for us.