(…are giving him back as good as he once gave to others)

Now it’s President-Elect Trump’s turn to be on the receiving end of an apparent bit of faux news skullduggery, in which the Byzantine convolutions of faux news…are giving him back as good as he once gave to others.

The latest hoohah to hit the news cycle are unsubstantiated claims that besides meddling with our election process, the Russians also have what is claimed to be “compromising” material collected when Mr. Trump last visited Moscow. Material of similar scandalous behavior to that of some of our Secret Service types in Bogota, Colombia, and of the former head of the IMF, during his visits to New York City…among others.

While we don’t discount such a possibility, after all, Mr. Trump isn’t the first, and probably won’t be the last high status individual who might engage in less than sterling behavior; but, the general context of the way this supposed information was released for public consumption is, in our view, quite suspect.

We say – suspect – mainly because Russian motivations for doing so just don’t jibe with the rest of what they reportedly did during our election process. If they were so eager to have Mr. Trump win over Mrs. Clinton, why would they bother to now release potentially damaging material on the eve of his inauguration? Mr. Putin is much too wily a player to believe that, Mr. Trump’s character being what it is, he would really give a damn if such material were released. Besides which, none of that would conform to the mutual admiration society which supposedly exists between them.

On the other hand, the somewhat murky chain of connections and relationships between the erstwhile source of this information and former political operatives of the Democratic Party has a less than sweet-smelling odor about it. As the French express it…ca sent pas comme les roses…it doesn’t smell like roses…but a hell of lot more like being just another bit of political tit-for-tat. That is, returning the favor of all that bullying invective against Mrs. Clinton spewed out during the campaign process.

Of course, conspiracy buffs are probably just as convinced this is a way for Mr. Putin to warn Mr. Trump…don’t try to renege on any deals with us, buster, or else. Given that Mr. Trump has yet to reveal what his investment interests are in Russia (and elsewhere), such a perspective may have some merit.

Welcome to the world’s faux news nest of vipers.