(…is because maybe the Mayans had already figured that out)

No, we haven’t been indulging in California’s recreational weed products, but, as usual when we go through our annual Spring “pruning” of our stash of books, we almost always come across an old volume or two that makes us want to browse through it again, just to see if it still contains the kind of content that will make us want to keep it…and the one we’ve been going through has brought us to another round of speculation about why things are… the way they are.

Here’s what we’re talking about. There are a lot of folks who believe that ever since this planet Earth was formed and consolidated enough to support life forms, extraterrestrials of one kind or another have come visiting it at regular intervals. No one is certain why, but there is a lot of circumstantial evidence suggesting they came to prospect and extract a number of minerals and other elements from it which they either need or want for their own world/worlds…or some such. In doing so, however, they needed labor to do that, and what better way to get it than to use whatever life forms were sufficiently “evolved” here to perform that labor for them. We humans were that supposedly sufficiently evolved life form, so humans were given rudimentary instruction and training for their purposes.

Inevitably that also meant that we humans had to receive some of their knowledge and some understanding of their technologies to do what they wanted done. In short, those extraterrestrial visitations to planet Earth are what planted the seeds which led to our “civilizations” which ultimately emerged here on it. The theory being that we humans were otherwise too dumbass to “civilize” ourselves. Thus to humans those extraterrestrials became deities of one kind or another and their technological superiority the carrot and stick means by which they made humans labor for them.

The critical “seed” for civilization to occur was…mathematics…so we humans had to learn how to compute things as accurately as possible, way beyond anything we could do by just using the digits on our hands and feet. The only truly “accurate” means to do that were the components of time governing the movement of celestial bodies observed in the sky above us…the Sun, the Moon, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, etc., thus making astronomy our first field of “science”, closely followed by geology, since that was also necessary to understand where and how all those desired minerals could be found and extracted.

Having thus begun their quasi-colonizing process here on Earth, those extraterrestrials then left saying they would return now and then, to see how well we humans were performing those labors. To that end, of course, there had to be an accurate means to predict when that would happen, and that’s why coming up with an accurate means of keeping time, and, devising calendars related to it became so important for humans.

Achieving such requirements of accuracy took a long time. The Chaldeans of Ur, followed by the Sumerians of Sumer, were the first to try it and became so extremely good at it that their work was then later glommed on to by the Babylonians, Assyrians, and Persians, which was then passed that on to the Greeks, after Alexander came along and took them all over. Ultimately, after the Romans came along, they gave us the Julian calendar format which was  an even more accurate version of all that, and finally the Gregorian version of that, which came along in the early Christian church days and has remained in use to this day. Finally, after reaching the atomic age,we came up with the most accurate timepiece of all…today’s atomic cesium clock…which computes Earth’s year as being 365.2422 days of time.

This is where the Mayan’s version becomes interesting. Besides being the ones who came up with the notion of –Zero- (without which no one can compute anything with accuracy), none of those other calendar efforts matches the accuracy and complexity of what they came up with. To compensate for what is called the eccentric of the ecliptic (relating to the Earth’s wobble on its axis) they came up with three calendars…a Solar year to calculate the Earth’s orbit around the Sun of 365.242 days (only .0002 seconds less than our cesium clock of today)…a Lunar year to calculate the orbit of the Moon around the Earth, and a tzolkin, or Sacred year, to calculate when it was time to perform required rituals…all of these running concurrently. This feat was much like creating one of those multi-dial wrist watches long before the Swiss ever did. But since each one revolved at a different rate, they then calculated that these were only in synch with each other every 52 years, which they called a Cycle.

To all that they then also added a fourth calendar to cover extremely long periods of time, that is, an Astrophysical calendar, which they called the “Long Count” or “Great Cycle”, and by their computations with it they concluded that when that Great Cycle arrives, everything comes to a halt…and is then zero-timed (much like resetting the clock) so that the whole process can start all over again.

What really caught our attention, however, is that by that Mayan Long Count calendar the most recent Great Cycle occurred in our own year of…2012…which, as we said in our headline, is a clue why our world seems to be turning upside down… because maybe the Mayans had already figured that out…and now all the present turmoil we’re experiencing is just part of that re-setting of the clock process…while we transition into a new Great Cycle period.

Well, we’ve never been a great believer in visiting extraterrestrials, or anything else related to that, yet, there is enough in all of this to give us pause and serious food for thought…even if it leads us to wander a bit on the speculative wild side now and then.