(isn’t much better than leading from rear)

President Trump’s formal declaration that he’s pulling America out of the Paris Climate Accord is just one more politically driven action aimed at pandering to that very narrow base of voters who voted for him, and, we have to admit, he has been consistent and true to his campaign promises he made to these, regardless of how that may or may not affect the rest of us and the country as a whole…not to mention the rest of the world besides.

In any event this latest action is symptomatic of what seems to be the only motivations which determine his erstwhile policy decisions…about anything. The one being an absolute determination to eradicate as much as possible everything his predecessor managed to establish. The other being a manifestation of borderline paranoia about what America faces in the world today to create a…Festung Amerika…that is…Fortress America…bunkered up against all sorts of conceivable existential external threats.

In some respects, however, this just reflects a long festering discontent and malaise in America over what many felt was the too broad extent of its involvement in the rest of the world’s affairs…especially about seemingly being at everyone’s beck and call as the world’s only “police force” all at the expense of its taxpayers and at the cost of not investing in its own needs at home. So Mr. Trump’s election may simply be the byproduct of a kind of national midlife crisis whereby the “hot flashes” from that discontent have erupted into such a siege perspective and quasi isolationist mood with wild rhetorical exclamations about…America First…as justification for it.

Which leaves the rest of the world community in a state of befuddlement wondering what to make of it all…or how to cope with the fact that one of the last Super Powers left standing seems intent on picking up all its marbles…and head for home.

Well, withdrawing from the forefront isn’t much better than leading from the rear…but at this moment in time…America just doesn’t seem to care.