(…about efforts to conceal a foreign source of campaign funding)

After hearing testimonies from various senior intelligence services officials, former FBI director Comey, and now, Attorney General Sessions, about Russian-Trump connections during last year’s election cycle… the investigative political soap-opera about it keeps droning on…while still leaving us with no clear answers about this bizarre situation.

At the risk of being labelled a conspiracy theorist or faux news purveyor, we’re left with only one credible explanation for it all. Contrary to current views that it relates to a Russian attempt to meddle in and undermine our political process, we’re more inclined to believe that such nasty meddling tricks were about protecting financial interests of private Russian oligarchs, not in support of Russian government geo-political ones, simply to hedge their bets to support Mr. Trump’s bid for our Presidency.

The motivating factor for that being a commonplace exercise in high level venality by which a quid pro quo deal would provide the Trump campaign with greater funding beyond what Mr. Trump could afford to give by himself…in exchange for a commitment (once elected) to ease off or eliminate existing sanctions against a certain Russian bank operating here in America. Sanctions which have been causing very negative impacts on the interests of those Russian oligarchs with holdings in that bank (which probably could include Mr. Putin as one of them).

These are the smoky hints and whiffs we’re getting from this strange situation…making all the weird bobbing and weaving by the Trump administration to end continued prying into it more understandable as an attempt to conceal such a deal because public exposure of it would not do it any good (it has enough problems already).

Well, this may all just be idle speculation on our part so only time will tell us if it’s true or…not.

Meanwhile, none of this helps our country’s reputation with the rest of the world and just goes to show everyone that -corruption- can and does take many forms and can exist anywhere…even here in America.