(…has yet to become a reality because of myopia and lack of vision)

President Trump’s pronouncements about his grand plans to refurbish and restore our national infrastructures…by spending billions on repairs to our roadways, bridges, and other systems…as part of making America “great again”, sound great but offer little more than that.

In part, this may be due to the ongoing political soap-opera about his election campaign’s possible (perhaps even probable) Russian connections which, unfortunately, is becoming an increasingly distracting issue. One which is showing all the signs of becoming much like that of a plugged-up toilet preventing any kind of proper flushing…so other matters of national concern can be taken care of…such as Health Care reform…Tax Reform…etc.

It’s a sorry state of affairs when irrelevancies, such as twit-minded tweets, and other inane commentaries, keep getting in the way of taking care of serious business. At the rate things are going the odds of America remaining a leading world power, much less becoming “great again”, become longer and longer each day.                                                                 

Thus, creating infrastructure for our 21st Century…has yet to become a reality because of myopia and lack of vision. No one, not the President, nor anyone in Congress, has yet to present us with a clear and firm vison of what needs to be done about it, or how it is proposed to accomplish it…beyond calling for spending billions for that purpose.

As an example let’s consider the state of our national highway and our rail transportation systems. Both are still viewed with 20th Century perspectives. The last time anyone had any kind of vision about these systems was President Eisenhower. It was his push for bringing our 19th century roadway system into the 20th century that gave us the interstate highways we have today. Another was the AMTRACK passenger rail service. Though flawed in concept because it didn’t have its own dedicated trackways, it managed to retain what would have otherwise disappeared.

Today, we’re still a leading economic power without any kind of high speed “bullet train” passenger service anywhere in the country. Instead, we depend entirely on our antiquated road, rail, and airline systems for that purpose.  Systems which are now so overloaded they are becoming less and less efficient to operate.

One of the major factors impeding the development of high speed bullet train type systems here is the problem of acquiring rights of way for the dedicated trackways it requires to safely operate at the extremely high speeds it’s capable of achieving (its state of the art pushing up to 300mph or more with mag-lev technology). Such rights of way cost money, lots of money, and no one is prepared to cough up the sums these would require.

Yet, there are such rights of way readily available to us…right under our noses…but collective myopia and lack of vision have so far prevented us from using them. They are all those interstate highways which President Eisenhower so generously created for us. Those rights of way have long been bought and paid for, and most, have sufficiently large median strips to accommodate placing such dedicated trackways right in the middle of them. Moreover, necessary bridging and over or underpass constructions are also already in place, so there would be little need for such expensive construction costs to be made. Thus, that difficult cost factor would be largely overcome.

What this means is that with just a little less political myopia, and a smidgen more of vision from both our President and the Congress, our country could very quickly have a grand highspeed network of bullet type trains hauling us all around it with great speed, comfort, safety, and efficiency.

Well, who knows, perhaps once our disheveled national leadership gets its act together…it could happen.