(time to complicate less…and simplify more)

The Republicans’ effort to undo and replace Obama Care has stalled.

The main reason for this being that they have followed the same idiotic model used by the Democrats to steamroll their legislation for it when their party controlled both chambers of Congress and the White House. Now that the Republicans have that control…it’s hardball partisan payback time…while the rest of us are left to…go suck eggs.

Neither the House nor the Senate of our glorious Congress are doing us any favors on this issue of health care for the citizens of this country, so long as they continue with this kind of tit-for-tat political one-upmanship. It’s time they quit playing these kinds of games (at our expense) and began to think about the best ways and means to achieve a workable health care system for all of us. And the only way to achieve that is to recognize it’s time to complicate less…and simplify more.

The main reason so many folks are uninsured, and apparently would end up the same way with either of the proposed House or Senate bills, is about AFFORDABILITY. The cost of paying for such insurance is beyond the means of a majority of the electorate. And because of that cost problem ACCESSABILITY to decent health care is limited. Common sense therefor would suggest that resolving the cost issue is the key to coming up with a workable health care system for everyone. Two other factors of concern involved is the ability to carry that insurance coverage with us whenever we go from one location or workplace to another. Without that PORTABILITY, everyone is tied to either an employer or a government program, effectively “indentured”, and with little CONTINUITY of care possible if they move to another place or another job either by choice or circumstance.

The amazing thing is that there is a model that could provide for all of these concerns sitting right under our noses. One that’s being used in a limited way by a few private non-profit entities in different parts of the country. That is, they are creatively using the existing TAX CODE for that purpose. So the question we would pose to the President, the House, and the Senate about that is this: How come you guys are ignoring that idea as a possible solution for this problem?

What if, instead of continuing with these partisan political end-games with each other, you put some effort into passing enabling legislation that would allow the creation of CHARTERED MEDICAL CENTERS in every neighborhood and rural area of the country? And as such “chartered” non-profit entities, these would be allowed to issue tax-deductible receipts to donors who provide cash, goods, and/or services (at normal market rates) in support of such medical centers. Any registered voter could then go to one of these for primary medical care and service (90% of our needs), for a nominal co-pay per visit. Medical professionals… doctors… nurses… technicians…administrative personnel, etc., who “donated” their services to such centers would receive a tax-deductible receipt which they could then apply to offset whatever income they received from their normal fee-for-services elsewhere. Similarly, medical specialists, medical suppliers, pharmaceutical providers, support services contractors, etc., all, would receive tax-deductible receipts as well for their goods or services to such centers.

As for coverage for any hospitalization requirements, insurers would be allowed to form regional risk pools (similar to the Lloyds of London formula), and thus able to offer an affordable variety of coverage levels for just that purpose, to anyone living in those regional areas.

The net result of such a concept would be that no one would be out in the cold when it came to primary medical care. No one would be tied, indentured, to an employer, or any government program, for such care. Since all such centers would be part of a national network, and provide reciprocal rights to each other, anyone registered as a member of one could move or relocate without fear of losing medical coverage. They would simply check out of one, and check in to another, with their medical records transferred with them, and pick up from where they had been before. Employer, State, and Federal budgets would no longer be impacted by having to provide for such medical services. Insurers would no longer need to offer anything other than straightforward hospitalization coverage…much like ordinary term or car insurance, the costs of which would be based solely on the regional location of the insured…and level they could afford to pay.

We believe such a system would eliminate much of the current uncertainties and difficulties most people are faced with when it comes to health care. But the best outcome would be that all of us…would be free…no longer tied to or dependent on a specific employer or government program to have it…and that would be the greatest benefit of all.